ADVANCED PROGRAMME
Our Advanced programme is like no other we have
found.  It is this phase of training that we feel
separates  EKMF from other systems.

Rather than provide training on issues and
techniques that are either not present or are illegal in
the UK, our training is based on the English

The following are just some of the subjects covered
in our Advanced programme.

                        Multiple Attackers
Unfortunately this is a risk faced in society today.  
Our training will prepare students to deal with
multiple attackers from 2-5 strong and where these
attackers are both armed and unarmed.


                          Anti Surveillance
There are many examples where victims of crime
have been selected and then followed to their homes
or places of work before an attack takes place.  We
provide training in both foot and mobile Anti
Surveillance techniques that identify when you are
being selected and followed.  


                       Scenario Training
Our scenario phase includes lock defeats, survival,
escape and evasion and combining the skills
currently trained and putting them into practice in
different settings and environments.


                          Trauma First Aid
First Aid has always been a subject we have taught,
this phase concentrates on trauma First Aid and
includes self treatment.  Students successfully
passing this phase receive an HSE First Aid at Work

                   Pressure Point Fighting Techniques
Pressure Point strikes are something that are
included in all levels of our training, however at the
Advanced level students learn knockout strikes
taken from the secretive Dim Mak system.
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