Krav Maga West Midlands

The instructors in KMWM have varied
backgrounds. Including ex military and Law
Enforcement whilst others have worked in the
close protection and security arenas.  

All are experienced in their own areas of
expertise, be this boxing, ground fighting,
firearms (use and protection from) other armed
attack defence and general self defence
techniques.  All are practitioners of Krav Maga,
and other Self Defence systems with a number
of years experience.

KMWM aims to give all members of the
community, be they security professionals,
Law Enforcement, or just members of the
public who wish to prepare themselves for
possible events, the knowledge and training so
that they can safely protect themselves and
their loved ones.

Our club runs courses and training events in
many areas of self defence, these include car
safety, armed safety, women's self defence
including protection against sexual assault and
scenario training self defence.

In addition to the services described above
KMWM also provides bespoke training courses
at a clients request.  These have included
structured courses for door supervisor teams,
situational training for sales company staff,
arrest and restraint training for an international
security team, we have also recently provided
self defence training to Domestic Violence

We are delighted to announce that KMWM can
now offer training to instructor level in self
defence through the UK Self Defence

The new Beginners program starts on
Wednesday 9th January at 7.30 pm Fitness
First Walsall Wood.  New students are welcome
to attend to experience a self defence training
system unlike any other in the West Midlands

At Krav Maga West Midlands we offer a
structured training programme under the
English Krav Maga Federation syllabus.  This
syllabus offers students a grading process
from complete novice to instructor level.

As a club we aim to provide junior students
with a thorough grounding in self defence that
will equip them with the skills they require.  To
the few students who stay the course of
training and seminars we develop their
instructional skills in addition to their basic self
defence skills and successful students are able
to qualify as a self defence instructor.
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