To decide if we are the club for you, complete the
following questionnaire to see if you're the sort of
student we want to train.  If you're not then we're
probably not the club for you, if you end up
somewhere off our site then review your answers.

1. Do you want to train in a realistic self defence
system with other students who are there to learn?
Yes? - carry on to next question
No? -
click here

2. If you leave your house to go training and it's raining
do you go back in to watch telly or get to the gym and
train with like minded people?
Go Training? - continue with test
Watch telly? -
click here

3. Does the thought of training until you feel physically
sick put you off learning the most up to date self
defence programme in the area?
No it makes me want to learn more. - continue
Yes -
click here

4. Are you thinking of signing up to training so that you
can pay direct debits for the next 6 months, hardly turn
up to training but be able to tell everyone about this
hard core self defence class you do?
No? - Continue reading
Yes? -
click here

5. Do you want to be in a club that pushes you into
gradings that you have to pay for additional training
for that just repeats set skills over and over again that
mean you can pass a test but not necessarily defend
No? - continue reading
Yes? -
click here

6. Do you want to learn a system that is designed for
self defence based on how we live today in England?
Yes? - continue reading
No? -
click here

7. Do you want to learn a system that is updated
continually and can adapt to new threats and laws?  
One that includes how to conduct yourself with the
Police so that after protecting your self you don't
become another crime statistic?
Yes? - continue reading
No? -  
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8. Do you want to train in a club where at least 3
instructors attend each class so that you can always
be given that personal time to assist with techniques,
or one where one instructor stands at the front of a hall
full of people and never gets 1-2-1 time with students?
Lots of instructors? Continue reading
One instructor? -
click here

9. Do you want value for money from a club where the
instructors don't earn a living from training so don't
have to push equipment and extra training at you at
every opportunity?
You don't have to answer this one!

10. Do you want to learn from instructors with
experience in the Military, Law Enforcement and
private security industries that use the skills they teach
on a daily basis so you know what they say works and
if it doesn't they change it!
No? -
click here
yes? - Welcome

We hope the above questions highlight what we at
English Krav Maga try to live up to in our standards of
training and ethics.  

We will not push kit and T shirts on or coerce you to
attend more training with guilt trips and pressure of
upcoming gradings.  We run classes that you come to,
we offer seminars and 1-2-1 that you come along to if
you wish.

We are serious in our questions above though, if you
were directed to another site it's probably best you
train with someone else!
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